What to Know about John Ritenour and the IOA Sports Partners Division

John Ritenour is the founder of the Insurance Office of America. His hard work and drive for success led to the success of the company. Before starting IOA, John was selling insurance door to door. He gained sufficient knowledge and skills which he required to establish his company. John Ritenour always wanted to make it a family business, and thus after years of leading it, he retired, making his son, Heath Ritenour, take charge in 2008.

The Insurance Office of America was established in 1988, aiming to provide the best offers that were constant regardless of whether the producer was earning more or less. The company ensures commissions are the same and clients are treated with honesty and respect. John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour formed teamwork to start the Insurance Office of America Sports Partners Division. The first partner was Orlando Magic, and after that, it was easier to grow the division.

Teams were impressed with a significant team under IOA, and they approached IOA to see if they wished to sponsor their games, and Heath Ritenour informed them they had to form a partnership. The partnerships made IOA get a lot of community awareness which helped them expand into other cities quickly. Insurance Office of America is now partnering with Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, Washington Capitals, Jacksonville Jaguars, and many more.

The sports field is ever-growing; it was rated to have more than $470 billion in 2018. With such much money, teams need to be insured and choose the best insurance to prevent loss from any disaster. The teams could lose millions with the wrong policy, and for this reason, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour went for sports insurance to help their partnering teams. According to Heath Ritenour, insurance firms need to learn more about their teams to offer the best coverage.