Trevor Edwards Overview

Trevor Edwards was born in London, England. His father, Ossie, was an accountant but indulged in other works; his mother, Joyce, was a nurse. He has grown alongside three siblings, with parents working hard to give them what they need and want. Although his family was one of the minorities, he was fond of their livelihood.

Edwards’ family moved to Jamaica when he was 13, not pleasing him. He got teased because of his English accent that motivated him to enjoy the new cultural differences. He joined high school and did multiple foreign languages anticipating being an interpreter. After graduating, he went to New York, receiving a bachelor’s degree in business from Baruch College. He also pursued a Master of Business Administration degree in marketing and finance.

In 1984, Trevor Edward worked for Goldman Sachs, an international investment banking organization, handling high net worth clients. In 1986, he worked as a brand marketer for Colgate- Palmolive. He later joined A athletic brand as a marketing manager. In 1993, Edward was in charge of Footlocker accounts, and two years later, he was promoted to be a marketing director. From 1997 to 1999, he took over the marketing department in Europe, earning promotion for marketing vice president for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

After being promoted to US brand management vice president, Trevor Edwards managed public relations, brand design, advertising, and sports marketing. His numerous successes have distinguished him in the market as a creative and charismatic force.

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