Tom Chang MD believes in Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to improve Treatment

Tom Chang MD is the Co-CEO of the healthcare group Acuity Holdings LLC. He believes in harnessing artificial intelligence to store and manage data. AI can help physicians access data about the latest advancements in medicine and match them with the immediate medical care needs of patients. Tom Chang MD is a well-known surgeon, teacher and clinician. He specializes in the treatment of eye diseases and disorders. He worked with the Johnson and Johnson Stem Cell Institute and performed the first implantation of stem cells surgically. 

Specialized ophthalmologist Tom Chang MD is also a researcher who studies treatments for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. He has been invited to speak at conferences across the world and is the author of more than 50 publications in the field of eye healthcare. Tom Chang MD is excited about the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Harnessing artificial intelligence will help physicians access an immense amount of data in the shortest possible time. 

This will help them arrive at a diagnosis and choose the best available treatment for their patients quickly. Dr. Chang uses artificial intelligence in diagnosis. He offers the Acuity 360 eye exam, an AI-driven minimally invasive screening procedure. In about 20 minutes, it detects all medical problems with the eyes. AI-driven accuracy in screening helps the doctor give better treatments for patients. Tom Chang MD is an internationally recognized visual health expert. He believes that the future of eye treatments will be highly accurate and greatly beneficial to patients because artificial intelligence will be increasingly utilized. 

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