This Is What The New Cloud Inventory Release Brings Into The Market

DSI now features a free, cloud-based program that automatically creates, updates, and facilitates updating customers and brokers who use the software. It also integrates with Hirschhorn Enterprise Solution’s Single Source Materials Warehouse, the industry’s most advanced materials inventory software solution.

“This latest release of Cloud Inventory combines multiple innovative warehouse solutions into one powerful tool for our warehouse management system and operational workflow,” said Mark Goode, CEO of DSI. “Cloud Inventory is the only system that can integrate different materials inventory systems, connecting all of the variables in the supply chain.”

Using the power of the Oracle Cloud, Data Systems International provides manufacturers and distributors with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and powerful cloud-based solution. Cloud Inventory extends DSI’s current capabilities to all asset types and provides greater control to ensure inventory optimization across the manufacturing supply chain. Field Inventory is the only inventory management solution that integrates with manufacturers and distributors’ in-house systems and processes to truly meet the needs of the ever-increasing Internet of Things (IoT) market. The enhancements include:

  • Search and Security: Store complete data from any inventory repository (either online or offline), catalogs, and inventories.
  • Store complete data from any inventory repository
  • Delivers an Upgraded User Experience

Today, many organizations are upgrading Field Inventory Management systems and dealing with legacy technology hurdles that are incompatible, obsolete, or difficult to configure. DSI now combines the strength of an Oracle cloud solution with the best-in-class features of a leading PMS/ERP and making it easy to implement, configure and implement without the burden of IT support. The intuitive solution is built with DSI’s top ERP/CMMS architecture and is easy to deploy and configure, with no coding required.

A significant drawback of legacy software solutions is that data doesn’t always connect, creating a highly siloed and inaccurate view of inventory. Cloud Inventory’s new platform makes it easy to track data outside of the warehouse in real-time, making it the ideal solution for manufacturers and distributors looking to increase profitability, ensure compliance, eliminate errors, and increase productivity across the supply chain.

“The Warehouse of the Future has no walls,” said president and CEO, DSI. “And with Field Inventory, we are breaking down those walls and empowering manufacturers and distributors to make the best use of their stock with real-time inventory. See this page for more information.


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