The Secret to Haroldo Jacobovicz Success and Transforming Markets across Brazil

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born and raised in the small town of São Paulo, Brazil. Earning his BSc in Industrial Engineering at the well-known Federal University of the Northern Region, Universidade Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul (UNIRGS), Mr. Jacobovicz began his professional career with an engineering firm Aldes in 1980.

A year later, he joined Telebras. Shortly after starting his career in the telecommunications industry, Haroldo Jacobovicz set out on a new business venture and started e-Governe, one of Brazil’s leading network infrastructure service providers, in 2007. Mr. Jacobovicz’s career in telecommunications began at the age of 27, when he took over the reins of his father’s company, Electra, in a career that was later to span over two decades. It is from this post that Mr. Jacobovicz created a revenue model that, by 2015, had made him the biggest sole shareholder of the Brazilian telecommunications firm Claro.

Today, Mr. Jacobovicz is one of the key figures in the Brazilian telecom industry, having built numerous successful businesses through the years, and is regarded by the Brazilian media as the “King of Telecoms.” Haroldo Jacobovicz is known for his favorite quote: It is hard to stay on track and change the way you think and act.

During an exclusive interview, Haroldo Jacobovicz revealed how he has grown his businesses and why his ability to create change is vital for any aspiring entrepreneur. Haroldo said that what he had done is to show people that there is a way to turn a vision into a reality. And that vision can be a personal one, or it can be a professional vision. At the same time, Haroldo Jacobovicz is most thankful for the success of e-Governe and e-Governe Datacenter.

Haroldo notes that the e-Governe and e-Governe Datacenter Group are the largest privately held telecom groups in Latin America, and they operate in a variety of countries. Mr. Jacobovicz also notes that e-Governe Telecom is one of the largest private networks. In his most recent interview, Mr. Jacobovicz also discussed his ideas on market transformation and how we can transform our industries into new markets using blockchain technology.

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