Robert Bull Explores the Home Market

The home is a setting where we spend a majority of our life. A safe location brings mental stability and allows the homeowner to enjoy a peaceful life outside of work. There are many kinds of homes to consider when getting started, but one type in particular is gaining traction in Europe. Robert Bull is connecting clients with single luxurious style homes. They are not only affordable but come with amenities a client might not expect for the price point. RoyaleLife has expanded in popularity under this new business model. Robert Bull discusses how this idea come to be in a recent interview.

Robert Bull is the current owner of a business that has thrived for over half a century. The market in the mid-1900s was a completely different playing field. There was a need for change in the housing marketing, and RoyaleLife was the source of change. In order to maximize the potential of each employee, the company gives everyone plenty of chances to voice their opinion. They have over 400 people working in the system, which provides a diverse set of ideas to hear. A major pitch they give to clients is the concept of downsizing. This encourages homeowners to have decreased space but find innovate ways to use it.

Robert Bull structures his day with one activity at a time. Starting with the gym in the morning, and then calls and meetings throughout the day. There is hardly a dull moment when the market is booming. The culture of RoyaleLife allows the employees to consider themselves on equal level with everyone else. They are not directly under him, but rather fellow comrades on the journey. Robert Bull has a strong sense of future economic tides and uses that to steer the company towards the best outcomes. To know more click: here.