Molekule Uses PECO Filters

If you want your family to have good health, you have to do your best and ensure everything is properly taken care of, including the surrounding air. That’s because clean air will directly impact their sleep quality. So, if you realize that after you wake up, you have a stuffy nose or sneezing, then you should clean the air in your bedroom. If you would like to improve the air quality., you need an air purifier. However, not all purifiers can help you to clean the air effectively.

There are different types of purifiers. The significant difference is the technology they utilize to clean the air. Most in the market use HEPA filtration technology. This technology hasn’t improved greatly for a long time, although they still do a good job. The other types of purifiers are those using Photo Electrochemical Oxidation technology such as Molekule purifiers. Molekule uses PECO filters which are much effective in cleaning the air.

PECO filters were developed over two decades, and they utilize free radicals. These are the same radicals that specialists consider when they want to kill cancer cells. Therefore, PECO filters can destroy pollutants that are over 1000 times smaller. It also performs better than a traditional HEPA filter. If you want an effective type of air purifier, pick the Molekule Review mini. It’s ideal to use in your bedrooms and other small rooms. Despite the device being too small, it also utilizes PECO filter technology. The experience you get is excellent because it comes with the built quality.

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