Jason Hughes: Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Jason Hughes is a man who has dedicated his life to service. Jason’s dedication and passion for leadership have enabled him to inspire the next generation of leaders. His cheerful presence in the community clarifies that he isn’t just talking about leadership but living it too! In this article, we will explore how Jason Hughes inspires others through his example.


In his own words, “I believe in the power of people. I want to make sure that every person has an opportunity for success and a voice.” Jason Hughes is dedicated to empowering leaders so they can be true change agents in their communities. He also believes that he must live out his commitment as a community leader and not just talk about it. In the words of his wife, “Jason Hughes is a person who never stops giving. He’s always looking for service opportunities and he makes time each week to serve in some way.” 


Jason Hughes believes that we have everything we need inside us already, but it takes awareness to tap into those gifts to help make the world a better place. Jason is the Founder and Chairman of Hughes Marino. He has dedicated his time to teaching, mentoring, speaking, and coaching leadership in various organizations for over 20 years. Jason Hughes´ dedication to service has made an impact on many lives all across the country. In addition, he mentors college students about their careers and working with small businesses on their leadership strategies.


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