IM Academy, Industry Leader In Foreign Exchange Trading Training

IM Academy is renowned for its digital educational products and expertise in foreign exchange trading classes. The Academy delivers its lessons either through an app or live content. IM Academy was incorporated in 2013, and it has its headquarters in New York, USA. The company has two founders, Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. IM Students get a chance to take their classes under subscription.

The company was founded with the primary goal of giving its customers a platform whereby they could have interactive training to gain useful trading skills. IM Academy has a record of 225,000 clients on its list from the year of inception to date, some seeking digital products and others foreign trading classes.

How does IM Academy Operate

IM Academy is renowned for how it embraces technology, and for this reason, most of its operations are remote. For this reason, its employees are drawn from all over the world. Further, this made it possible for the company to continue its operations even during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

About Academies

Anyone familiar with IM Academy products knows they are best referred to as academies. The company’s customers get a chance to have access to these academies through the website. Currently, IM offers four academies, namely; FRX, HFX, DCX and ECX. The best thing about IM is that it has made access to its products affordable through the highly discounted prices that users are exposed to.

For example, those using the Elite package, which consists of FRX, HFX and DCX, get 54% off the purchase prices. Continuous use of the Elite Package attracts a discount of 48%; this has made it possible for users to have access to all IM academies. Subscribers get a chance to learn through the academies on online platforms under the guidance of IM Educators. Further, the lessons are offered in over 13 languages making it easy for anyone worldwide to learn. Like this page on Facebook, for more information.


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