How Has The IM Academy Corporation Improved The Forex Trading Industry?

IM Academy is one of the largest forex learning platforms with over 225,000 subscribers. It was started by two independent entrepreneurs in 2014 whose mission was to create a platform where learners can easily access forex training modules via a subscription model. Forex trading investment has become one of the best lucrative businesses globally, which has created an opportunity for most forex training platforms such as the IM forex company. IM Company provides unique educational products and services to all its active subscribers as a legally registered corporation.

The IM Academy headquarters are in New York. However, the corporation solemnly works online, eliminating any office space or real estate expenses. Additionally, anyone from anywhere all over the world can access the IM forex company platform with ease. This corporate model has allowed the IM forex company to work efficiently with zero interruptions despite the measures put across during the current COVID-19 period. Every client or candidate can access the IM forex company modules referred to as academies through the IM Academy website.

These academies are divided into four distinct training programs: the ECX, FRX, DCX, and HFX academies. Each of these mentioned academies is unique depending on the level and capability of the learner. However, after completing each academy, there is a quiz offered that every learner must undertake to jump to the next level. Since subscribing to these academies is extraordinarily expensive, the IM company corporate offers a discounted bundle package known as the Elite Academy.

The Elite Academy offers a 54% discount from the initial subscription for all the four academies: the ECX, FRX, DCX, and HFX academies, and a 48% discount for a monthly subscription. The Elite bundle package has enabled learners to save since subscribing to a single academy is quite expensive. The IM forex company offers GoLive sessions that allow learners to interact with the IM trainers and professionals physically. Visit this page for related information.


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