Georgette Mulheir and Her Organization Urge America to Provide Better Treatment to Haitian Migrants

In a recent letter from Georgette Mulheir’s organization Defend Haiti Democracy, activists have expressed their grievances about the recent treatment of Haitian migrants. The letter mentioned that the Haitian American community has condemned the recent actions of the US Customs and Border Protection agents. According to many activists of the organization such as global leader Georgette Mulheir, the border patrol agents committed inhumane assaults on the migrants looking to enter the United States. 


With this in mind, the organization led by global leader Georgette Mulheir urged President Joe Biden to order the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to address the recent actions of the border patrol agents. Many activists want border patrol agents to be more restrained when confronting the Haitian migrants who are entering the United States. They demanded an immediate end to the deportation of Haitians back to Haiti as well. With a recent earthquake and the assassination of its president, Haiti has become a difficult place to live for many people. 

Today the Haitian country is in a humanitarian crisis and many Haitians have looked to leave their country in order to live in a more politically stable environment. Global leader and social worker Georgette Mulheir is a longtime activist and executive of humanitarian aid organizations. She focuses on helping children leave orphanages and live in more stable foster homes while growing up. As well as assisting children, Georgette Mulheir is also involved in helping countries provide humanitarian aid to people who come from dangerous and politically unstable countries. Over the years, Georgette has been recognized for her efforts in helping many people live a better life through her humanitarian aid efforts.