Georgette Mulheir and Her Organization, Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Oppose Atrocities in Haiti

Cases of human rights violations have become common in Haiti since 2020 as a result of delayed elections. While democratic structures, both at local and national levels, have halted their operations, human rights groups report that senior government officials coordinate with gang leaders, leading to an unprecedented alliance of criminals. As a result, extreme kidnappings, violence, and even killings have become a new way of life for Haitians (Crunchbase). 

Currently in Haiti, President Jovenel Moise has formed a secret police force and is ruling by decree. However, Georgette Mulheir and her human rights organization, Defend Haiti’s Democracy, oppose the violation of these democratic rights. Together with other international organizations, Georgette Mulheir tends to pressure President Moise to call elections within the shortest time possible to protect children. Defend Haiti’s Democracy supports vulnerable children living in children’s homes. To improve their lives, Georgette Mulheir gives these children education that their parents cannot afford. In addition, she was the first to enlighten people about children trafficking from orphanages.

About Georgette Mulheir

Georgette Mulheir defends children. She started working with children in 1993. Over the years, Mulheir has overseen the development of family-based care systems used by several governments. Besides, human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir has influenced governments and the UN to redirect financial support to families instead of institutions. Consequently, she has won several awards, including a Zero Project Award as one of the world’s “30 Top Social Workers”. 

In 2018, she played a significant role in resolving the US-Mexico border issue to reunite children with their families. She has established a team that has transformed care systems throughout the world. She goes to more extraordinary lengths to ensure children and youths remain at the forefront of restorative care. In the last three decades, she has saved the lives of thousands of children. Throughout her career, Georgette Mulheir has offered expert advice to governments, donors, and the global community. She has worked in 33 countries and saved over 15,000 children, and has changed the lives of thousands of people. Together with her team, she has mentored over 50 000 experts and politicians from over 70 nations on how to improve care. She looks forward to seeing the Haitians get the freedom of democracy by electing their leaders.