Former Chief of the SEC and Online Trading Academy Praises CliK

Do you know what’s missing from a university-level financial course? Experiential confidence, which is what separates many programs from the one Online Trade Academy (OTA) offers with the help of its all-in-one analysis and education trading platform dubbed CliK. Dr. Jeffery H. Harris reviewed OTA’s virtual and online course materials and found that they were unlike anything available to the masses. The underlying materials, for one, are based on practical economic theories that compare to similar university-level courses. The difference, however, is in the way CliK reinforces learning and risk management.

Dr. Harris is passionate about what he sees as a lifelong skill. Financial education is vital in ensuring that people entering the public markets are educated and have a practical understanding of proper risk management. OTA’s curriculum is unique because it leverages technology to automate specific steps in its core strategy and methodology. CliK further simplifies otherwise manual processes so that students can instead focus on the logic, economics, and risk involved in any given trade. CliK will flag specific moves that put too much money at risk, and over time students learn to recognize these in possible pitfalls.

Online Trading Academy is in a unique position as the leader in financial education. For students searching for an opportunity to build real-world skills, proficiency, and confidence in their ability to trade and invest Online Trading Academy is the only choice. OTA has educated over 500,000 people thanks to its free introductory class. In 24 years, however, they have served well over 80,000 students towards their goal of lifelong learning and education. It’s important to note that an OTA education is enough to take on the markets with confidence but can also act as a complement to otherwise traditional university education since it’s the experience gained that makes all the difference.