Infrabuild is an Australian top company that is specialized in manufacturing, recycling, and distributing steel. Vik Bansal who is the chief executive officer of Infrabuild joined the company in July 2021. After he joined the company there was a significant change in the company’s production. He has experience of over 20 years of expertise in a variety of executive roles around Australia, Asia, and the United States.

Vik Bansal CEO has proven a track record in leading industrial organizations through evident growth, change, and improvement. He has held various positions before joining Infrabuild. Vik was the president and the chief operating officer at Valmont Industries Inc. he was also the group president of the global engineered infrastructure of Valmont Inc. and also at the Asia Pacific. Vik is also named as the founding board member of the National Waste and recycling company council.

Vik Bansal has a bachelor in Electrical engineering accompanied by honors, he has an MBA, more so he has completed an Advanced Management program at ISEAD. Vik has worked tirelessly to bring transformation to not only the business but also the waste management sector at large, he advocated for Australia to have a recycling facility that would see it bring about a circular economy. Vik believes that hard work in the manufacturing sector around Australia can strongly grow to create long-term self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Vik had a past job as the chief executive officer at Cleanaway waste management company where he joined the company as the managing director in august 2015. Cleanaway Company under Vik’s leadership during the United Nations sustainable development summit in 2015 the member state adopted an agenda for sustainable development.

After taking over the company’s leadership he changed the company’s mission title to “making a sustainable future possible”. Vik’s leadership transformed Australia’s view of waste.

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