Aviation Industry Founder Bhanu Choudhrie Urges Investments Now

Aviation entrepreneur and investor Bhanu Choudhrie recently spoke about the current state of the aviation industry as a result of the COVID pandemic and what it means to investors. The aviation industry is one area of the economy that took an enormous financial hit as the world went into lockdown and people cancelled flights and travel plans. Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder of Alpha Aviation Group, a pilot training academy that has witnessed the negative economic downturn that has hit the industry firsthand.

Despite the setbacks that the aviation industry has experienced, everyone including Bhanu Choudhrie has had to adapt in order to survive. These adaptations have led to the resurgence of the industry and spawned new ideas and services. This is why Bhanu Choudhrie says this is the best time for investors to pour money and interest into the industry. The best time to get in on any industry is in the beginning or following a fall in the market because the only place for the market to go is up. Investing now means you can purchase stock at a bargain and then reap the benefits as the aviation industry recovers and locations begin opening up again as it becomes safe to travel.

Already there is truth to this belief. Airlines are reporting increasing rates for both bookings and ticket prices. In fact, in some cases the rate of travel is bouncing back faster than the industry is able to keep up with in terms of staffing. All of these developments are important to all aspects of the aviation industry and mean that investing in the airlines themselves or even service based companies like pilot training academies makes a ton of financial sense.

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