Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, Offers his Distinct Insights Regarding Customer Relationships at Georgetown University Summit

In 2017, GRLA alongside the McDonough School of Business Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series merged to establish the Global Luxury Summit. The event happens annually and this one discussed e-commerce’s changes and how it sustains the ever-fluctuating future. The summit also featured some insights from Andrew Brooks, an industry specialist. Andrew […]

Ryan Bishti’s Cirque le Soir

  At the beginning of Cirque le Soir’s inception, the dazzling success that it would later become was only a shimmer in the imagination of its founder, Ryan Bishti. However, since then, the uproarious brilliance of Cirque le Soir has been flawless, and the story of its first Nightclub is […]

Mark Hauser's  Shrewd  Investments in Eye Care Companies Expands    Hauser Private Equity

Mark Hauser is a private equity manager. Hauser just announced the sale of Mid-Atlantic and Midwest CEI Vision Partners to Private Equity-Backed Eye Partners. Last month, EyeCare acquired CEI Vision Partners of Cincinnati, OH. CEI Vision Partners is a premier opthalmolgical network. CVP is a network of over 280 ophthalmologists […]