ZeroAvia: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Flight Safety Solution

Valery Miftakhov is the founder of ZeroAvia. He was the first commander of the Russian Air Force’s fighter group, flying MiG-29s. As a colonel in the Russian Air Force, Miftakhov commanded an F-15 squadron in NATO exercises. He also served as a military advisor to the Supreme Commander of NATO. Valery Miftakhov, CEO at ZeroAvia, holds a degree in economics.


What is the potential market for a zero-emission commercial jet engine?


The market opportunity is huge. As more countries switch to electric cars, many of them will need to switch to electric aircraft for air travel, and every electric car will need an electric aircraft to cover long distances.


Zero-emission aviation


ZeroAvia is currently building a 500-mile short-haul, electric hydrogen-electric aircraft, called the Generation-2 aircraft, in partnership with Boeing and SkyWest. The aircraft is designed for the most disruptive segment of aviation: passenger flights from small, regional airports. SkyWest is the largest airline operator at 21 regional airports, flying more than 10 million people each year.


Revenue stream


ZeroAvia Aviation Company


ZeroAvia is bringing a new technology to the aerospace industry that removes many restrictions in the development of zero-emission aircraft. The ZeroAvia company is focused on commercializing the next generation of zero-emission aircraft, where electric flight is the “de facto” solution.


Problem addressed by ZeroAvia

Aircraft emissions today pose an enormous threat to the environment, public health, and human health, while aviation is already the world’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly one-third of worldwide man-made CO2 emissions. Emissions from aviation are significantly contributing to global warming, air pollution, and a rapidly aging global population. With fossil fuels still providing the largest share of the world’s electricity and with hydrogen as a renewable fuel, biofuel, and fuel cell technology highly costly, our transportation sector must change. For ZeroAvia, the problem is that aviation is only 30 years into its carbon-reduction program. ZeroAvia aircraft has been designed and developed as an aircraft powertrain, which allows for efficient conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.