What Does IM Academy Provide?

IM Academy is an online way to learn the skills needed to be successful in forex trading. They have the ability to teach you what you need to know in order to be successful no matter your knowledge level currently. There is access to IM Academy’s online services where you can interact in live classes think similar to the way you would interact on zoom.

They also have GoLive sessions, which is pre-recorded as well as app-based data and information for you to learn that way as well. IM Academy has seen growth in its time as it currently has grown to roughly 225,000 active subscribers who are utilizing its educational products and services. It is important to note that IM Academy’s global heads quarters is located in New York, and they are a legally registered corporation there.

IM Academy pride themselves on not just thinking about today but being a step ahead so that they are able to keep their company running as smoothly as possible with little to no interruptions for their subscribers. A great example of this is they have always been a remote-running company. This is beneficial for many reasons one it saves on office space expenses which helps keep costs done to their subscribers.

It also allows them to hire the best minds possible to complete the jobs they need them to. This is a major benefit to their subscribers for their employees to not be limited by geographical limitations. This proved to be such a benefit for the company that they were prepared for the pandemic even if that is not the main reason, they allow their employees to be remote. When the pandemic hit, and all these companies had to figure out how to work remotely. IM Academy was able to continue with business as usual. See related link for more information.


For Android users, learn more about them on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details