PosiGen Solar Energy Program

PosiGen is a solar energy company based in the United States that provides affordable energy solutions especially to people with low income, moderate income, and those of color. The history of PosiGen dates back to the time of Hurricane Katrina that caused great devastation in New Orleans. After the destruction, New Orleans had more than 16 options to help rebuild, but unfortunately, these options could only be accessed by the rich. The low income communities had a great challenge to establish themselves back. This disparity served as an inspiration to the founders of PosiGen who decided to help the disadvantaged communities through an affordable solar energy program. 


More than 65 percent of PosiGen’s employees are women and people of color. PosiGen solar power company ensures that their program can help their customers save on money as opposed to other sources of energy. Their efforts have seen many people shifting towards solar energy, and more than 14000 people are considered to use this form of energy in the US (Nola). 


PosiGen usually installs a two-directional net meter system which ensures that homeowners are saving money in terms of what they consume. For example, if the solar panels do not generate energy that meets 100 percent of energy required in a given home, PosiGen will supply the extra amount required from the grid, and the homeowner will only be required to pay a reduced bill equivalent to the energy that was used. In case the solar panels produce more energy than required, the excess amount will be delivered to the grid system, and in return, the owner is given credits.


These credits will enable them to receive free electricity to meet their energy demands. Apart from solar installation services, PosiGen also offers energy audit services to their customers. Through inspections, they are capable of identifying key points of energy loss and air leaks. This will enable PosiGen to make improvements and any upgrades that might be required. These improvements will help prevent energy loss and therefore assist in lowering monthly bills. Upgrades can also help in consistent heating and cooling and prevent moisture related-mold problems in homes.