Min-Liang Tan’s Top-notch Trait In Business

Min-Liang is a self-made business icon born and raised in Singapore. He joined the National University of Singapore and graduated with a Master of Laws. Upon graduating, he leveraged his newly forged skills to build an impeccable reputation in the professional workforce as a lawyer.

During this time, Min-Liang Tan developed an interest in the gaming spectrum and yearned to carve a niche for his aspiration. Indeed, his passion for gaming saw him transition from being a lawyer into pursuing business. In 2005, the businessman with Robert Krakoff co-initiated a gaming company Razer. He leveraged his prowess and expertise to nurture the company into a recognizable brand globally.

Min-Liang Tan’s venture into the sports ecosystem was driven by the passion of initiating an exclusive product. Razer’s possibility into the market saw it first build a top-notch mouse to simply gaming endeavors. From building Boomslang mouse, the company forged through to offer a myriad of gaming software and hardware platforms.

Razer’s first product, the Boomslang mouse, expanded its footprints, giving it a flagship product. Nevertheless, the product opened potential markets for Razer to carve a niche. Min-Liang Tan’s competitive spirit in business has seen him grow in the sports industry. Equally, the businessman has spotlighted amidst the covid-19 pandemic by donating face masks. To him, business is all about having fun and fulfillment. Go here for related Information.

About the Razer CEO

Min-Liang Tan is well-known as the founder and driving force of Razer. The entrepreneur has helped the gaming company get to greater levels through demanding work ventures. Under his leadership, the company wants to initiate a bank and ultimately scale to lucrative markets. Most interestingly, the Razer CEO has augmented the company’s footprints in Hong Kong and Asia. Razer flaunts garnering a huge following and ties up with reputable companies.


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