Mark Hauser's  Shrewd  Investments in Eye Care Companies Expands    Hauser Private Equity

Mark Hauser is a private equity manager. Hauser just announced the sale of Mid-Atlantic and Midwest CEI Vision Partners to Private Equity-Backed Eye Partners. Last month, EyeCare acquired CEI Vision Partners of Cincinnati, OH. CEI Vision Partners is a premier opthalmolgical network. CVP is a network of over 280 ophthalmologists and more than 700 optometrists. There are nearly 5,000 clinical staff and over 1,200 support services that span 18 states, including Ohio, Indiana, Virgina, Kentucky, and others. CVP was formed in 2018. CVP has eight ambulatory centers and 47 clinical centers .

Mark Hauser said his company made numerous investments in the field of opthalmology. EyeCare is the market power and strength of investment in the Cincinnati business world. In three years, CEI Vision Partners watched the growth of Revelstoke Capital Partners, Data Link, and OrthoAlliance. OrthoAlliance was formerly known as Beacon Orthopedics. OrthoAlliance has offices in Cincinnati, OH. Data Link is headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Hauser Private Equity team forged a partnership with the Denver-based Revelstoke as a co-investor. Revelstoke and Cincinnati Eye Institute together former CEI Vision Partners. CVP was designed to promote the growth of the care in Cincinnati. Recently with the addition Dayton Eye Associates, CEI Vision Partners grew to include 150 more eye doctors. Paul Swanson and Mark Hauser founded Hauser Private Equity in 2008. The company is based in Cincinnati, OH. Hauser Private Equity has office branches in Chiscgo, IL and Los Angeles, CA. By forming partnerships with other leading ophthalmologist practices in the Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic areas, Hauser’s own company grew significantly in the recent three years.

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