Krishen Iyer Designed A Ramp Up Program For Insurance Professionals

Krishen Iyer has over three decades of experience in the insurance sector. His initial job after his graduation from college in the 1980s was at an insurance company, and he now owns and operates a consulting firm in California; the MAIS Consulting firm. Krishen Iyer has launched several companies early in his career which were all focused on insurance services for business owners and agents. An early business he founded was Name My Premium, and it was a huge success. 


Krishen Iyer’s present company is called MAIS Consulting. His team at MAIS is equally as impressive. They have a shared passion to assist people. They work together to help company owners and their teams grow their business. Krishen Iyer offers a series of consultation services, and he and his colleagues work closely with their clients. 


They created what they aptly named the Ramp Up Program. The underlying goal, according to Iyer, is simple to explain. He is intent on empowering people in order for them to reach their highest potential. The consulting firm serves a wide variety of companies in their early stages and beyond. Krishen Iyer earned an undergraduate degree in Public Administration. His studies were completed at the San Diego State University. He was born and raised in California.