Desiree Perez: The Lady Behind Roc Nation’s Achievements

Roc Nation is at the heart of the music industry; it is associated with the big music stars as well as sports personalities. The mention of Roc Nation probably evokes the names of some renowned music personalities such as Jay-Z in the minds of music lovers. However, little is known about Desiree Perez who is the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation. A closer look at Roc Nation reveals Perez as the heart of the organization. Mr. Perez is thought to be a savvy negotiator. She is also lauded for her beyond reproach business decisions.

The position held by Perez in Roc Nation is of the many leadership positions in the music industry predominantly occupied by males. Perez rose against all the odds to be one of the few women holding an executive position in the music industry. Perez is delighted by the fact many ladies are starting to take leadership roles in the entertainment industry albeit in a slow manner.

Most of Perez’s work occurs behind the glare of cameras. However, she has a hand in all Rock Nation’s stars. For instance, Jay-Z has evolved into a respected entrepreneur under Perez’s watch together with a team of other experts. She has been the silent force behind Jay-Z’s career for over 22 years. She is not only involved in Roc Nation but also in Jay-z’s other business interests. Along with her husband, Juan Perez, who is the head of Roc Nation Sports, the Perez’s have dedicated their efforts to turning Rock Nation to its current status and learn more about Des Perez.

Mrs. Perez tenure at the helm of Rock Nation has been characterized with notable achievements. In 2008 when Roc Nation signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation, she was part of the team that oversaw all the transactions. Mrs. Perez also lobbied Samsung to promote Rihanna’s Anti Tour; Samsung offered $25 million dollars in favor of the tour and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

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