How Was Bumble Created? Whitney Wolfe’s Story

Growing up struggling in relationships, she realized there were plenty of flaws in the way people would treat her. She finally realized she was worth more than she was getting.

She developed the app Tinder with a few other colleagues, and she played a huge role on developing that app. As she struggled to be in balance with the other co-creators, she found herself in a lawsuit and sued them for sexual harassment. Whitney Wolfe won the case and went her merry way to build women up by creating a social network for young women struggling with their self esteem.

After just a few short months of Whitney Wolfe separating from Tinder and finishing up the lawsuit, she ended up working closely with a new businessman from London who wanted to work with her and build a new dating app. It was almost like a sense of revenge, but she said that it’s not about that but more so about proving that women deserve to be in charge of relationships and dating. Bumble was formed out of the insight that women should be able to avoid getting those gross messages from guys that insinuate that guys can say whatever they want because a girl swiped right on them. That is not how dating apps should work.

Women must send the guy a message first before ever giving the guy a chance to send a message back. This way of working is great because now girls have power. If they accidentally swipe right on a guy they don’t actually like, they just don’t need to respond to him at all to avoid any bother. The idea is almost beautifully crafted to give women that sense of power that they have been longing. It opens up the door for them to meet new people their way.