Adam Milstein is an accomplished Israeli-American, dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere for his contemporaries as well as the next generation. A philanthropist, Milstein has dedicated a large part of his life to creating ventures to positively affect the Jewish community. These efforts have resulted in Adam Milstein being lauded as an exemplary community leader for Jewish peoples, as well as a role model. Milstein’s works and efforts have had a very real ripple effect within the Israeli-American community, and one that has been felt by nearly everyone active within. This positive atmosphere and progressive attitude is something Adam Milstein continues to try and cultivate each and every day.

Milstein’s humanitarian ventures are varied. The acting Chairman of the Board for the Israeli American Council, the extent of Milstein’s reach within the community far. The Israeli American Council isn’t Milstein’s only humanitarian venture, however. Far from it: Adam Milstein is an active member of a vast array of Jewish outreach programs, such as Hillel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Taglit Birthright Israel, and Christians United for Israel. Milstein’s efforts within these groups have elevated their abilities and range of operations to new heights. Even with so many humanitarian groups under his belt, Milstein shows no signs of slowing down, as he continues to cultivate a positive relationship with upstart foundations to this day.

All of these praises is to say little of Milsteins most personal venture: The Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation. A group created from the Milstein Family’s intense passion for humanitarian work, the Foundation works with Israeli-American youths to create positive relationships with other cultures on college campuses throughout the globe. The Milstein Family Foundation’s success is born from Adam and his wife Gila’s extensive years of education and hard work. Adam, having worked as a real estate investor for many years, is very well versed in the inner workings of large operations. Having earned an MBA from USC in 1981, only a short period after arriving from his native Israel, Milstein’s work to create a positive environment for Israeli-Americans is nothing short of inspiring and to know more