Jose Neto Auriemo continues growing JHSF into national leader

JHSF Participacaoes is the most important high-end luxury developer in the country of Brazil. Founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, the company quickly began growing from a small regional developer into a national powerhouse. Throughout the 70s and 80s, JHSF Participacaoes took the lead in developing some of the most stunning and luxurious developments that the country had ever seen. After successfully completing millions of square feet of Class A office space and millions more square feet of some of the most luxurious residential condominium developments in South America, JHSF Participacaoes had become the undisputed leader in Brazilian luxury development.

In 1993, Fabio Auriemo’s son, Jose Auriemo Neto, began working at the firm his father had founded. He quickly showed an enormous aptitude for both leadership, technical aspects of the job and the ability to learn every side of the business. By 2001, Fabio Auriemo was ready to retire. The obvious choice for his replacement was his son. Throughout the course of the 2000s, Jose AuriemoNeto took the reins from his father and began taking the company even higher than it already risen. Throughout his time as company president, Auriemo Neto has managed to build some of the largest and most prestigious properties in all of Brazil. These included luxury high-rise condominiums, private airports and high-end mall developments the likes of which are only seen in the most exclusive markets in the world, such as Dubai, Los Angeles and Miami.

One of the capstones of Auriemo Neto’s reign as president of JHSF Participacaoes has been the Parque Cidade Jardim development, in Sao Paulo. This is a sprawling complex that features nine luxury condominium towers, four Class A office space towers and the city’s largest high-end luxury shopping mall. All told, the development consists of millions of square feet of some of the most sought-after and prestigious property in the city of Sao Paulo.

Another ambitious development that the company has undertaken under the tenure of Auriemo Neto has been deconstruction of one of the largest private airports in all of Latin America. Sao Paolo Catarina Executive Airport is to be completed sometime this year. It will consist of an 8,000-foot runway and the most luxurious private airport facilities anywhere in Latin America.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Entrepreneur Of The Year In Finance In 2015

Bradesco is bank on the brink of the leadership of the Brazilian private banks with the billionaire purchase of the HSBC in Brazil. When the business executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the highest level of management of Bradesco as the president in 2009, the bank had just gone below in performance from its past moves. Executives said that it lagged behind in business and worth due to the lack of proper management at the top. The bank was now ranked below Itau Unibanco that had never been on top of it in business ever since it was founded.

While he strived to work cautiously, he ran for the first place as a bank rank. This was a major achievement in this industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that in an interview with other professional bankers in the country. The main goal of the bank, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco on, was to do the best job for the municipalities they serve. In August this past year, made a bold move towards Bradesco. With Lazaro Brandao’s approval, he bought HSBC as the initial Brazilian branch for $5.2 billion. Lazaro Brandao is the President and Chairman of Bradesco Bank. With that purchase, Bradesco bank reopens the leadership fight in the private sector. A sample of the shares under the Bradesco bank as well as their HSBC branch causes Banco de Deus to outperform its business rival Itau Unibanco that has three branches for total investment funds, account holders, and branch networks. In the other three cases, it is closer to its rivals in deposits, assets, and loans granted.


With the purchase of the Bradesco HSBC branch, we conquered what we could have achieved for over six years through their business growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco told that to Money during the time of purchase. However, what he said has not yet been approved by the regulatory agencies in the country. According to the market green lights, the bank of Bradesco will receive their new wave in business by the end of the 2016’s first quarter. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was chosen among the best entrepreneurs of the year by Dinheiro. Born in 1952 in Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the Sao Paulo University.

In 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working in the banking industry as a banking official. As a result, he advanced his career through promotions in the banking industry. However, he also managed to take over the highest level of management in Bradesco bank as its president. During his six-year term, he achieved a lot for the bank as well as its branches. This is the area that contributes to more than 30 percent of the total profit Bradesco Bank makes in a year. As soon as he commenced his work as president, he opened a corporate university that seeks to renew the leadership cadres. They also used the university to talk to all levels of leadership management in the bank.

For you to give this into an account, it has established rituals that give an autonomy of performance to the promoted individuals. Those that ascended to the higher management levels gathered at the Noble Hall that was used to hold shareholder’s meetings. The word was also opened to each of the members. Whoever was meant to receive a microphone had something to say about his experiences. An example of what was expected of you as a bank official was to state how you have served the bank for all your years of experience. Luiz Carlos Trabuco says that he arrives at 7:00 am in the morning to commence his duties. This is the routine of business and career advancement in the industry.

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Eric Lefkofsky Bringing About a New Era in Cancer Research

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had at the forefront of research against cancer as he has established a company currently dedicated to the matter and he has also been in a vast number of partnerships in order to get closer to curing cancer.

At the moment, Mr. Eric Lefkofskyis working mainly on his company called Tepus which is currently partnered up with scientists and oncologists. The experts are from the University of Chicago. The research will have a number of stages, and the company of Tempus will have a highly significant role in the studies.

The research of cancer by Tempus and the University of Chicago involves gathering all of the data and information on the cancer types in one place and uploading them onto the massive and powerful system of Tempus. The system will process the data, and it will start creating plans for treatments of cancer patients. The research will include all of the cancer types and learn more about Eric.

Over the course of the research and data assembly and processing, experts and oncologists will continue to conduct research. At the office building of Tempus, there is a large lab as well. The project has a number of hospitals in the area of Chicago involved in the studies as well and read full article.

There are a vast number of things that people taking part in the massive research hope to achieve at the end. For instance, some of the types of the disease are not as well researched as some other types. Breast cancer, for example, is one of those diseases. Even though breast cancer has been known to science for a very long time, this type of cancer is one of the least research ones.

Another thing that scientists and oncologists hope for is to discover a new piece of information that had previously evaded them. That is why Tempus is using a large software that will combine the data. It has been created for this reason. As a whole, the goal of the research is to discover new treatments for cancer and its many types. Experts are hopeful that it will bring about a new era in oncology and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Madison Street Capital Maintains Its Leadership In The Provision Of Innovative Financial Services

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based financial advisor that helps businesses to access to credit, make sound investment decisions and undertake complex transactions. Madison Street Capital reputation is anchored on their remarkable success of delivering results. Some of the company’s notable achievements include arranging funding for a medical product manufacturer, Vital Care Industries, in 2014 and providing merger assistance to DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group in 2017. Madison Street Company served as the exclusive financial advisor for ARES Security Corporation’s minority recapitalization and subordinate debt in early 2017. In the same year, the corporation helped a Maryland-based company, WLR Automotive Group, to complete its highly sophisticated transaction of a sale-leaseback deal worth $13 million.

In 2017, Madison Street Capital arranged funding for Maintenance Systems Management (MSM). The president of MSM hailed Madison for their extensive experience and success of the process. With the above tangible achievements, the company has been the recipient of many awards and recognition from renowned organizations. In 2015, Madison Street Capital’s co-founder Anthony Marsala was honored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts with a 40 Under Forty Award. This prize seeks to recognize outstanding performances in mergers, valuations and related fields.

In addition, Anthony Marsala also serves as the COO of Madison Street. In addition, the company was named the M&A Advisor Awards finalist in 2016, as the top boutique investment banking firm of the year. Madison Street Capital was the recipient of the Turnaround Award after they emerged top among the 300 firms that competed in 2016 restructuring transaction worth $25 million and below. The company’s active involvement in philanthropy has also enhanced its reputation. They support leading non-profits like American Red Cross and the United Way.


About Madison Street Capital

With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, Madison Street Capital offers private equity, business valuation services, mergers and acquisition services, corporate tax planning services and venture capital services. The company strongly believes in building stable businesses by maintaining the highest standards of integrity and service. They possess unmatched experience in collaborating with middle-market businesses in diverse industries to deliver results. They invest their time in analyzing a client’s need with the objective of helping them to establish the appropriate match among buyers and sellers.

The privately held company has a team of talented professionals, who have extensive knowledge in the competitive financial industry. Having served clients from different industries, they understand that all transactions require careful analysis. This way, the employees of the firm have been developing solutions that addresses the needs of specific clients.


Paving the Future of Venture Capitalism with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a wonderful venture capitalist and entrepreneur from Dallas. So many of those come out of the area, but this particular man is the exception to the rule. He was built for greatness from day one. Here is the story of how it all came together for him. Learn more:


When he finished high school, he began working with startup companies. He didn’t go to college, though, or any university as one might expect. Instead, he started a company called Timber Creek Capital as a way for entrepreneurs to engage one another and learn how to make their ideas come to fruition. That is all it takes for some people. The simple act of collaboration can lead to greatness. Learn more:


He went on to invest in other companies as an investment and eventually purchased one called Splash Media, another called Cobalt Real Estate Services and Blue Jay Wireless in 2015. More followed after that as well. Here are some of them.


– Marc Food Delivery

– Cardinal Telecom LLC

– Boon Oir Company

– Agency Matrix

– Reliant Healthcare

– GlobalTech Solutions

– Bozstart LLC


All of those were through his venture capitalist adventures in business.While it can be very risky, he has mastered it down to an art form. His speculation is sharp and he can tell if a business will make it or not. He has to access and see if a business is a viable option. Then there is the calculated risk involved as well. Learn more:


He has been deeply involved in philanthropy as well. His ability to help in the Dallas area is renowned. Over the years he has been attributed with many of the projects that Habitat for Humanity built in the area. He has also helped underprivileged kids in the Dallas area to have the opportunities to get ahead in life. Those types of things are beyond measure in value. He created a program that mentored the youth there that needed that role model to grow to their fullest extent. It is a thing that is sorely lacking in so many places today in business. The days are different now. Mentors are always important to help the future venture capitalist learn how to get ahead.


His value is high, though monetarily speaking. His investments have made him a very wealthy man since graduating from high school. While he would never say that college is a thing a kid should skip, in spite of the fact that he didn’t attend one, he did luck-out and has been immensely successful. He is truly an inspiration to anyone that has ever thought of being a venture capitalist. His ability to reach the height of success is what makes him what he has become. He invests money and makes money doing so.


How Not to Grow Your Nest Egg


It has been recently wagered by Warren Buffet that he will do better in his investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers will by investing in a passive index fund. The wager is for $1 million and it looks like he stands to gain on this one.

Buffet strongly believes that there are just too many expensive and mediocre funds that simply shortchange their investors. Buffet has an approach to investing that adopts a bottom-up tactic that has been proven to be quite effective over the years. Buffet is known to deliver a clear message that Americans need to save for retirement and to get and stay invested and more information click here.

In his recent shareholder letter, Buffet offered some very valuable wisdom on investing. He advises that it is best to stay wary of product labels and to be aware of funds that are expensive an will eat into your investments over time. Passive index funds especially can be known to give poor returns because of their high costs and excessive trading. You want to instead invest in funds that keep costs low and where the fund manager is as equally invested and learn more about Timothy.

Passive index returns are not the safe bet but rather they have their place. They typically do not offer any cushion against downturns. Only about half of the 1200 investors surveyed online the previous year were even aware that index funds are exposing them to 100 percent of the losses and risks during market downfalls. It is better to do better than most investors in bad tomes in order to grow your nest egg and resume him.

The key to a good investment return is to invest in a fund that’s not overpriced and is one that the fund manager is as equally invested in. This will result in a group of investors that will outpace benchmark indexes and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Timothy Armour has been investing for Capital Management Group for 34 years and is the chairman of the company. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and attended Middlebury College. He is based out of Los Angeles and is an equity portfolio manager.

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Wild Ark Provides a New Way to Look at the World

Looking to travel to parts of the globe that still teem with wildlife? Wondering how you can help conservation efforts in other parts of the world? Learn more:


The organization known as Wild Ark can help you fulfill both goals. When it comes to understanding the beauty of nature, Wild Ark allows you to take the journey and experience new surroundings first-hand.


Currently, there are three different destinations on the African continent within the countries of Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa. Otherwise, you could take a trip to the most barren and remote state in the U.S., otherwise known as Alaska. Each country provides an opportunity to help out conservation efforts or to enjoy the natural habitat found in areas that are still untainted by an increasingly industrial and urban developmental-oriented world. Learn more:


There are many different opportunities to enjoy nature and wildlife such as a seven-day trip that allows you to track animals in the hinterlands of South Africa and Botswana. Otherwise, you can go photographic safaris through Botswana and take shots of wildlife there such as the African lion. If you are looking for more, try enjoying the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa which is known for its wildlife management and protection. There is also a chance to visit sea turtles in Kenya.


If you want to be closer to home, visiting an Alaskan sporting lodge with an eye toward seeing the state while fly-fishing is an option.


Allowing people to enjoy natural experiences that is growing scarce in this world is what Wild Ark is all about. It is a conservation group who have a stated mission to protect the biodiversity of the world and encourages people to try to connect with nature in unspoiled settings. Learn more:


Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark looks to protect certain places that are still considered wild or untamed. Their first conservancy is called the Pridelands Conservancy that consists of 4,500 acres set aside for wildlife. Located within the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa and serves as a buffer between the park and agricultural land. The hope of Wild Ark is to get more involved in the fight of conservatism and the creation of more conservatories around the globe.




Mike Baur entrepreneurial career

Mike is Swiss business person who is well known globally due to his amazing career. He has been performing very well in a different segment he has ventured at. A good number of people who are now doing different business in Swizz know him due to his contribution in the segment. He is now working with a good number of people who have startups in the country. His support has been of great help to such people. He is not only offering financial support to such people, but he is also providing them guidance on how best they can make money out of their venture.


In the past years, it was very hard for people with startups to get someone who would offer them guidance. Due to that, a good number of them ended up losing huge sum of money without their knowledge. Mike started a firm known as Swiss Startup Factory with his co-founder. The company has gained popularity among many players in the market. This mainly applies to persons with startups.


By visiting the institution, you will be exposed to a wide range of experts who will guide you through the entire process. Most people with startups always fail to do all paperwork needed and thus end up losing the ownership of their business to some people who are self-centered. So as to avoid issues of this nature, you need to deal with the right experts who will protect your interest. Swiss Factory has been a game changer in the market by offering the best to its clients in the country.


The institution is now working with many entities in the segment. It has been doing that so as to share resources and expertise among themselves. Doing that optimize the returns being realized by the firms by a great margin. Swizz factory is now doing business with cTI. This is an entity which has been supporting startups too for a good number of years. They are well versed with the market and thus fully understand what young business persons need when starting a business at the global level.


By joining forces, the firms are now performing quite well in both local and international level. Mike is also participating in a good number of pitching contests being organized at the moment in some schools across the nation. This is one of the ways of supporting students who have entrepreneurial spirit in them.


How OSI Group Rose To Become A Leading Food Processing Brand

OSI Group, LLC is a privately held company that was first established in 1909. For years it was known as Otto & Sons before taking on its current name in the mid-1970’s. It is now wholly owned by Sheldon Lavin who is the company’s CEO and Chairman.

At OSI Group they process a large range of different types of food that are sold in fast food restaurants around the globe. They create processed meat, turkey, chicken, and seafood. They also process fruits and vegetables as well as things like sauces, dressings, and marinades as well as dough products and pizza. They have about 70 processing plants located in 17 countries around the world.

Before Sheldon Lavin arrived at OSI Group the company was mostly known for being one of the main suppliers of beef to Mcdonald’s Corporation. He built it into a company that expanded throughout the America’s, Europe in the early 1980’s, and Asia from the late 1980’s on to today. They have expanded organically as well as by buying other food processing companies.

Among the company’s acquisitions was that of the Dutch company Baho Foods in mid-2016. By buying this company OSI Group attained a larger presence in the countries that Baho Foods was already in which included countries in both Western and Eastern Europe. The purchase also included five food processing plants located in both the Netherlands and Germany.

In late 2016, OSI Group bought the UK food processing company Flagship Europe. This gave OSI Group access to that company’s customers as well as their products which complimented what OSI Group provides. When talking about the purchase of both Baho Foods and Flagship Europe, the President and COO of OSI Group, David McDonald, stated that they both gave his company a broader European presence as well as a strengthening of OSI Group’s ability to meet their customer’s evolving needs.

Today OSI Group brings in about $6.1 billion a year in revenue making it one of the largest private companies in the world. They have over 20,000 employees and supply many of the biggest global restaurant chains.

Success Academy Making The Grade With Their Scholars

The Success Academy has was appears to be turning out to be a winning formula to help the “scholars” (the term given to their children) live up to the name of the foundation. They start at an early age developing a plan and roadmap that will carry the students onward to college and beyond. The test results have impressed a lot of people around the New York area who wish that their own could achieve such numbers rather than the dismal 35% math and 64% English proficiency that serves as a counterexample to the Success Academy routine.


The difference in understanding that the state exams brought to light pays no attention to income level of the family. The Success Academy students who live in even the poorest neighborhoods around the city were still able to outshine those children of the wealthiest parents in the other public schools. It all starts in elementary school where the children are infused with a passion for learning and trying new things. Those scholars are provided with only about 80 minutes of instruction each day so that the remainder can be filled with small group studies and activities that allow the success to be brought forth through actual student involvement.


The students at one of the 27 elementary schools can then work their way upwards with the help of the organizations 7 middle schools and the newest addition which is a high school. Charter networks have never grown faster than Success Academy which has an outstanding outreach after only having been in operation since 2006. Content is the central core of what is making the grade, and parent involvement is another critical factor that children will so often reflect through their academic performance if that key element is missing.


The difference is seen in even the earliest curriculum which is “Blocks” at the elementary schools. Students are provided with books and knowledge as inspiration so that they can do more than just play. That drive is carried on throughout all of the other classes and grades so that Success Academy is setting a bar that will be hard to match from others looking to reach such heights.