Shiraz Boghani: Deep Vision In Hospitality Sector And Philanthropy In Mind

Shiraz Boghani, the Joint Chairman and board member of Sussex Health Care, is known for creating a business empire in the hospitality sector with his dedication, hard work, and thoughts for innovation.

He has approximately 28 years of expertise in the hospitality industry and serves as the Chairman of the U.K.-based Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani is giving direction and vision to the hospitality group and oversees its growth strategy in various sectors. He is credited with creating a revolution with branded hotels with limited services in London. Interestingly, Boghani started the journey in the 1990s and took active participation in developing more than 25 limited services hotels.

Today, Splendid Hospitality Group has 20 trading hotels spread across the city that include Holiday Inn – a 336 room hotel in Wembley, Hilton London – a 292 bedroom hotel in Bankside, the Grand Hotel and Spa located in York, and many more hotels. The limited service hotel drive in the city has significantly helped London to improve the affordable accommodation choices and service standards of the hotels. The hotels under the group offer a unique and comprehensive hospitality experience due to the vision set by Shiraz Boghani. His commitment and hard work helped him to be named as the “Hotelier of the Year” Award for the year 2016 by Asian Business Awards.


Shiraz Boghani is also a founding partner of Sussex Health Care – a care center for aged people. The institution was founded in the year 1985 and grew consistently by following the servicing standards set by Boghani and other partners. Today, it has 18 homes or care centers in Sussex and London with over 500 beds. The institution is known for providing supreme senior living experience for the inhabitants that ensure excellent medical attendance, nutritious food, proper care, fun and entertainment options, peaceful living, and more. Interestingly, the philanthropic thoughts of Shiraz Boghani have played a significant role in giving vision to Sussex Health Care.

Boghani is highly passionate about philanthropic efforts and offers his expert services and funding to various charitable organizations. He held many leadership positions in the Ismaili Community and was a National Council member. Shiraz Boghani was also the Aga Khan University’s Resource Development Convener and National Conciliation and Arbitration board’s Chairman. He was born in Kenya and came to the U.K. in the year 1969. Boghani started his career as an accountant at Thomson McLintock & Co – rebranded as KPMG. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession.

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