Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Entrepreneur Of The Year In Finance In 2015

Bradesco is bank on the brink of the leadership of the Brazilian private banks with the billionaire purchase of the HSBC in Brazil. When the business executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the highest level of management of Bradesco as the president in 2009, the bank had just gone below in performance from its past moves. Executives said that it lagged behind in business and worth due to the lack of proper management at the top. The bank was now ranked below Itau Unibanco that had never been on top of it in business ever since it was founded.

While he strived to work cautiously, he ran for the first place as a bank rank. This was a major achievement in this industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that in an interview with other professional bankers in the country. The main goal of the bank, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco on, was to do the best job for the municipalities they serve. In August this past year, made a bold move towards Bradesco. With Lazaro Brandao’s approval, he bought HSBC as the initial Brazilian branch for $5.2 billion. Lazaro Brandao is the President and Chairman of Bradesco Bank. With that purchase, Bradesco bank reopens the leadership fight in the private sector. A sample of the shares under the Bradesco bank as well as their HSBC branch causes Banco de Deus to outperform its business rival Itau Unibanco that has three branches for total investment funds, account holders, and branch networks. In the other three cases, it is closer to its rivals in deposits, assets, and loans granted.


With the purchase of the Bradesco HSBC branch, we conquered what we could have achieved for over six years through their business growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco told that to Money during the time of purchase. However, what he said has not yet been approved by the regulatory agencies in the country. According to the market green lights, the bank of Bradesco will receive their new wave in business by the end of the 2016’s first quarter. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was chosen among the best entrepreneurs of the year by Dinheiro. Born in 1952 in Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the Sao Paulo University.

In 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working in the banking industry as a banking official. As a result, he advanced his career through promotions in the banking industry. However, he also managed to take over the highest level of management in Bradesco bank as its president. During his six-year term, he achieved a lot for the bank as well as its branches. This is the area that contributes to more than 30 percent of the total profit Bradesco Bank makes in a year. As soon as he commenced his work as president, he opened a corporate university that seeks to renew the leadership cadres. They also used the university to talk to all levels of leadership management in the bank.

For you to give this into an account, it has established rituals that give an autonomy of performance to the promoted individuals. Those that ascended to the higher management levels gathered at the Noble Hall that was used to hold shareholder’s meetings. The word was also opened to each of the members. Whoever was meant to receive a microphone had something to say about his experiences. An example of what was expected of you as a bank official was to state how you have served the bank for all your years of experience. Luiz Carlos Trabuco says that he arrives at 7:00 am in the morning to commence his duties. This is the routine of business and career advancement in the industry.

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