Desiree Perez: The Lady Behind Roc Nation’s Achievements

Roc Nation is at the heart of the music industry; it is associated with the big music stars as well as sports personalities. The mention of Roc Nation probably evokes the names of some renowned music personalities such as Jay-Z in the minds of music lovers. However, little is known about Desiree Perez who is the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation. A closer look at Roc Nation reveals Perez as the heart of the organization. Mr. Perez is thought to be a savvy negotiator. She is also lauded for her beyond reproach business decisions.

The position held by Perez in Roc Nation is of the many leadership positions in the music industry predominantly occupied by males. Perez rose against all the odds to be one of the few women holding an executive position in the music industry. Perez is delighted by the fact many ladies are starting to take leadership roles in the entertainment industry albeit in a slow manner.

Most of Perez’s work occurs behind the glare of cameras. However, she has a hand in all Rock Nation’s stars. For instance, Jay-Z has evolved into a respected entrepreneur under Perez’s watch together with a team of other experts. She has been the silent force behind Jay-Z’s career for over 22 years. She is not only involved in Roc Nation but also in Jay-z’s other business interests. Along with her husband, Juan Perez, who is the head of Roc Nation Sports, the Perez’s have dedicated their efforts to turning Rock Nation to its current status and learn more about Des Perez.

Mrs. Perez tenure at the helm of Rock Nation has been characterized with notable achievements. In 2008 when Roc Nation signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation, she was part of the team that oversaw all the transactions. Mrs. Perez also lobbied Samsung to promote Rihanna’s Anti Tour; Samsung offered $25 million dollars in favor of the tour and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

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Jose Neto Auriemo continues growing JHSF into national leader

JHSF Participacaoes is the most important high-end luxury developer in the country of Brazil. Founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, the company quickly began growing from a small regional developer into a national powerhouse. Throughout the 70s and 80s, JHSF Participacaoes took the lead in developing some of the most stunning and luxurious developments that the country had ever seen. After successfully completing millions of square feet of Class A office space and millions more square feet of some of the most luxurious residential condominium developments in South America, JHSF Participacaoes had become the undisputed leader in Brazilian luxury development.

In 1993, Fabio Auriemo’s son, Jose Auriemo Neto, began working at the firm his father had founded. He quickly showed an enormous aptitude for both leadership, technical aspects of the job and the ability to learn every side of the business. By 2001, Fabio Auriemo was ready to retire. The obvious choice for his replacement was his son. Throughout the course of the 2000s, Jose AuriemoNeto took the reins from his father and began taking the company even higher than it already risen. Throughout his time as company president, Auriemo Neto has managed to build some of the largest and most prestigious properties in all of Brazil. These included luxury high-rise condominiums, private airports and high-end mall developments the likes of which are only seen in the most exclusive markets in the world, such as Dubai, Los Angeles and Miami.

One of the capstones of Auriemo Neto’s reign as president of JHSF Participacaoes has been the Parque Cidade Jardim development, in Sao Paulo. This is a sprawling complex that features nine luxury condominium towers, four Class A office space towers and the city’s largest high-end luxury shopping mall. All told, the development consists of millions of square feet of some of the most sought-after and prestigious property in the city of Sao Paulo.

Another ambitious development that the company has undertaken under the tenure of Auriemo Neto has been deconstruction of one of the largest private airports in all of Latin America. Sao Paolo Catarina Executive Airport is to be completed sometime this year. It will consist of an 8,000-foot runway and the most luxurious private airport facilities anywhere in Latin America.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Entrepreneur Of The Year In Finance In 2015

Bradesco is bank on the brink of the leadership of the Brazilian private banks with the billionaire purchase of the HSBC in Brazil. When the business executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the highest level of management of Bradesco as the president in 2009, the bank had just gone below in performance from its past moves. Executives said that it lagged behind in business and worth due to the lack of proper management at the top. The bank was now ranked below Itau Unibanco that had never been on top of it in business ever since it was founded.

While he strived to work cautiously, he ran for the first place as a bank rank. This was a major achievement in this industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that in an interview with other professional bankers in the country. The main goal of the bank, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco on, was to do the best job for the municipalities they serve. In August this past year, made a bold move towards Bradesco. With Lazaro Brandao’s approval, he bought HSBC as the initial Brazilian branch for $5.2 billion. Lazaro Brandao is the President and Chairman of Bradesco Bank. With that purchase, Bradesco bank reopens the leadership fight in the private sector. A sample of the shares under the Bradesco bank as well as their HSBC branch causes Banco de Deus to outperform its business rival Itau Unibanco that has three branches for total investment funds, account holders, and branch networks. In the other three cases, it is closer to its rivals in deposits, assets, and loans granted.


With the purchase of the Bradesco HSBC branch, we conquered what we could have achieved for over six years through their business growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco told that to Money during the time of purchase. However, what he said has not yet been approved by the regulatory agencies in the country. According to the market green lights, the bank of Bradesco will receive their new wave in business by the end of the 2016’s first quarter. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was chosen among the best entrepreneurs of the year by Dinheiro. Born in 1952 in Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the Sao Paulo University.

In 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working in the banking industry as a banking official. As a result, he advanced his career through promotions in the banking industry. However, he also managed to take over the highest level of management in Bradesco bank as its president. During his six-year term, he achieved a lot for the bank as well as its branches. This is the area that contributes to more than 30 percent of the total profit Bradesco Bank makes in a year. As soon as he commenced his work as president, he opened a corporate university that seeks to renew the leadership cadres. They also used the university to talk to all levels of leadership management in the bank.

For you to give this into an account, it has established rituals that give an autonomy of performance to the promoted individuals. Those that ascended to the higher management levels gathered at the Noble Hall that was used to hold shareholder’s meetings. The word was also opened to each of the members. Whoever was meant to receive a microphone had something to say about his experiences. An example of what was expected of you as a bank official was to state how you have served the bank for all your years of experience. Luiz Carlos Trabuco says that he arrives at 7:00 am in the morning to commence his duties. This is the routine of business and career advancement in the industry.

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Eric Lefkofsky Bringing About a New Era in Cancer Research

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky had at the forefront of research against cancer as he has established a company currently dedicated to the matter and he has also been in a vast number of partnerships in order to get closer to curing cancer.

At the moment, Mr. Eric Lefkofskyis working mainly on his company called Tepus which is currently partnered up with scientists and oncologists. The experts are from the University of Chicago. The research will have a number of stages, and the company of Tempus will have a highly significant role in the studies.

The research of cancer by Tempus and the University of Chicago involves gathering all of the data and information on the cancer types in one place and uploading them onto the massive and powerful system of Tempus. The system will process the data, and it will start creating plans for treatments of cancer patients. The research will include all of the cancer types and learn more about Eric.

Over the course of the research and data assembly and processing, experts and oncologists will continue to conduct research. At the office building of Tempus, there is a large lab as well. The project has a number of hospitals in the area of Chicago involved in the studies as well and read full article.

There are a vast number of things that people taking part in the massive research hope to achieve at the end. For instance, some of the types of the disease are not as well researched as some other types. Breast cancer, for example, is one of those diseases. Even though breast cancer has been known to science for a very long time, this type of cancer is one of the least research ones.

Another thing that scientists and oncologists hope for is to discover a new piece of information that had previously evaded them. That is why Tempus is using a large software that will combine the data. It has been created for this reason. As a whole, the goal of the research is to discover new treatments for cancer and its many types. Experts are hopeful that it will bring about a new era in oncology and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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