Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Spotlight Biography: The Creator of Horizons Telecom

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a professional civil engineer and entrepreneur in Brazil. He is enthusiastic about the innovative potency in IT. In 2010, he established Horizons Telecom years after exploring different information solutions. This telecom company has become the most successful and respected supplier in the country. It uses upgraded equipment, a wholesome fiber network, and a myriad point redundancy. A decade later, the Datacenter was launched to facilitate better connectivity as well as cloud capacities to institutions and businesses.

Haroldo Jacobovicz works in a data-inspired analytical sector, he perceives himself as an intuitive individual who credits success to his innovative skills. Haroldo Jacobovicz retaliates those certain things that draw his attention because spots potential in everything. Once that happens, he sorts out the right crew to spearhead his business idea and actualize it.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s instincts enabled him to explore an unconventional resolution to invest in the basal Hard Rock Café in the country in 2013. Once the first investor pulled out, Haroldo Jacobovicz took over, planned, and brought on board a crew that guided the venture massively before releasing it in 2018.

A majority of Haroldo’s businesses dwell on rendering IT solutions to other ventures, and so he relishes developing transformative options to different challenges. Jacobovicz claims that he was greatly satisfied by seeing his investments solutions better the people’s lives in the communities.

Haroldo’s youthful encounters molded his success a lot because he borrowed a lot from his parents, professional civil engineers. Haroldo grew up watching them establish the best physical structures that motivated him a lot. Sarita, his mum pioneered civil engineering among the females in their state. Sarita combined her career with her family because she successfully raised the boys. Haroldo Jacobovicz wanted to emulate his parents to the point of studying civil engineering but quickly discovered that his passion exceeded bridges and buildings.