Madison Street Capital- A Name to Remember

Corporate finance professionals are giving Madison Street Capital the respect they deserve. It’s single minded focus on the banking needs of the middle market has earned it a stellar reputation within the finance industry.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm with it’s headquarters in the heart of the mid-west: Chicago. It’s thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of corporate finance are one of many reasons they stand out from the crowd. Firms like Fiber Science, Central Iowa Energy and Bond Medical Group are part of their lengthy client roster. They have extensive experience in bankruptcy services, tax codes, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions.


This truly global firm has offices around the world, including Ghana, and India. This reflects their focus on global corporate finance, tax planning within the structures of different tax codes, and wealth preservation. Clients around the world put their faith in Madison Street Capital for a reason- excellent results.


In the last few months they worked as primary financial advisor to DCG Software Value, a global leader in software analytics. This was during their merger with The Spitfire Group, and was a perfect marriage of two complementary firms merged seamlessly thanks to their dedication and hard work. They were very impressed with Madison Street Capitol’s CEO Charles Botchway and managing director Jay Rodgers, two men vital to the process.


The M&A Advisor Awards recently honored Madison Street Capitol with several awards for their distinguished efforts in the Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associates. They were also victorious when they coordinated a deal for ARES Security Corporation. Ben Eazzetta, the president of ARES was especially pleased with the due diligence Madison Street Capital took when aiding their search for an ideal financing partner.


Accolades are given for a reason: results. Madison Street Capital treats every client as a unique entity, giving them the attention and level of professionalism they deserve. This middle market investment firm began in 2005 providing a plethora of financial services including business valuations, wealth management, and financial opinions for middle market firms.


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Amazon, Department Stores and Fabletics

The seasons are changing. Therefore, people are going to be looking for clothes they can enjoy for the next season. In order to find the right clothes, they have to find the right store to get their clothing. Fortunately, this era in fashion allows for plenty of options in shopping. Therefore, people are able to look at plenty of options in styles. At the same time, there is a lot of competition among the retailers. Among the things they are competing with each other over are pricing. Therefore, shoppers are going to be able to find some fun designs at low prices.


The largest sellers of fashion are Amazon, department stores, fast fashion retailers and Fabletics. This gives people a lot to choose from when it comes to items. Women are entering the golden age of fashion with all of the options they have available. More women are seeing that there are plenty of reasons to choose Fabletics to shop at. For one thing, Fabletics is one of the stores that offer fashion with a purpose. Kate Hudson has not only wanted to provide some great products but has also wanted to bring her message to customers.


When people state that fashion is a form of self expression, there is a lot more they are saying than they may realize. For one thing, when people wear clothes, they are not only wearing outfit, but also the company it came from and the process that has gone into putting together the outfit. For women who wear items from Fabletics, they are wearing a message for empowerment of people for health and acceptance. They are also wearing a message that they are part of a company that wants to help with different health related issues such as breast cancer.


Other companies like Amazon and department stores seem to focus only on creating products and selling products. Fabletics has a purpose behind all of the clothing which goes beyond fashion and accessories. The brand wants to encourage women to find a place where they are happy with themselves and the lives they create.

Aloha Construction Company Review

Aloha Construction is a company that provides general construction service for those living throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has attained a very high customer satisfaction rate and has provided a lot of help to people in that region. The one thing that sets this company apart form other construction companies it what they do outside of working. Aloha Construction is led by CEO Dave Farbaky. Dave has dedicated a part of his time to a charitable foundation. The program is dedicated to helping those in need. One of the recent accomplishments that the company made was hosting a shopping spree. The shopping spree was filled with free toys and was designed for kids in low income families. This company cares tremendously about people and helping them in any way possible. They show this through their work and also their charitable contributions. The company provides a handful of services to help home owners. The first service that they specialize in is roofing. Roofing is a process that requires an enormous amount of attention to detail. The process is very hard and time consuming to do alone. Workers at Aloha Construction perform an inspection process to be completely sure that they pick the best type of roof for a specific home. The next specialty of workers at Aloha Construction is siding. Siding is another daunting process that can be very time consuming to do alone. Workers at this company can do the job for you in a timely fashion. They make sure that your house will be well protected and have a brand new look as well. The next specialty service from this company is gutter work. Gutters are an essential part of your home and make sure that your house is not susceptible to water damage. Without proper alignment, water is not properly expelled from your home and leads to complications. The final specialty of this company is door/window work. Doors and windows need to be done correctly or they will be an issue. Before taking out your next door or window alone, contact Aloha Construction for help.

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Shiraz Boghani: Deep Vision In Hospitality Sector And Philanthropy In Mind

Shiraz Boghani, the Joint Chairman and board member of Sussex Health Care, is known for creating a business empire in the hospitality sector with his dedication, hard work, and thoughts for innovation.

He has approximately 28 years of expertise in the hospitality industry and serves as the Chairman of the U.K.-based Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani is giving direction and vision to the hospitality group and oversees its growth strategy in various sectors. He is credited with creating a revolution with branded hotels with limited services in London. Interestingly, Boghani started the journey in the 1990s and took active participation in developing more than 25 limited services hotels.

Today, Splendid Hospitality Group has 20 trading hotels spread across the city that include Holiday Inn – a 336 room hotel in Wembley, Hilton London – a 292 bedroom hotel in Bankside, the Grand Hotel and Spa located in York, and many more hotels. The limited service hotel drive in the city has significantly helped London to improve the affordable accommodation choices and service standards of the hotels. The hotels under the group offer a unique and comprehensive hospitality experience due to the vision set by Shiraz Boghani. His commitment and hard work helped him to be named as the “Hotelier of the Year” Award for the year 2016 by Asian Business Awards.


Shiraz Boghani is also a founding partner of Sussex Health Care – a care center for aged people. The institution was founded in the year 1985 and grew consistently by following the servicing standards set by Boghani and other partners. Today, it has 18 homes or care centers in Sussex and London with over 500 beds. The institution is known for providing supreme senior living experience for the inhabitants that ensure excellent medical attendance, nutritious food, proper care, fun and entertainment options, peaceful living, and more. Interestingly, the philanthropic thoughts of Shiraz Boghani have played a significant role in giving vision to Sussex Health Care.

Boghani is highly passionate about philanthropic efforts and offers his expert services and funding to various charitable organizations. He held many leadership positions in the Ismaili Community and was a National Council member. Shiraz Boghani was also the Aga Khan University’s Resource Development Convener and National Conciliation and Arbitration board’s Chairman. He was born in Kenya and came to the U.K. in the year 1969. Boghani started his career as an accountant at Thomson McLintock & Co – rebranded as KPMG. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession.

How Dick And Betsy Devos Are Changing The Society Through Philanthropy Efforts

The importance of attending school and the eventual passing of knowledge from the tutors to the scholars is essential as it ensures that people can be part of something bigger, which is nation-building. While the need of acquiring knowledge is crucial, many factors come into play, and one of them is need of adequate financial support to ensure that those who are assisting in the process of tutoring can be compensated as it is the requirement for anybody who goes to work.


Proper education can only be obtained when the right resources are availed to help in securing the process of learning. The resources are essential since they make it possible for students to comprehend whatever is being availed for them to learn in a more logical manner. On the other hand, the art of giving back to the nation can hardly go unnoticed, and as a result of the sacrifice that they have made in the country, Dick and Betsy Devos have been recognized on many platforms. The latest recognition came from the president of the United States of America.


In 2017, Donald Trump proposed the appointment of Betsy Devos to the position of education secretary. The job comes with a massive responsibility since it is a requirement to ensure that all people in the society are imparted with the right knowledge and skills for the betterment of themselves. When people go to work, then they can earn a living through the monthly salary that they receive, from that wage, the government deducts taxes, and individuals are also able to spend the money through living the life that they would have desired.


The result of the entire process is the success of all persons in the society, and progress in the nation. Dick and Betsy Devos are associated with many titles such as education activists and philanthropists. The input that Betsy Devos has made in the society has been significant, and this came even before she was appointed to head the education docket.


When someone makes an effort in life, then it becomes possible to instigate change in the society. According to critics, Betsy Devos will be in a better position to reform the American education system even further. In Detroit, she orchestrated an alteration to the education system, thereby leading to massive changes being adopted in the curriculum.


Change is necessary in life, but it is common to find that most people in the society tend to be repulsive towards the alteration that futurists such as Betsy Devos try to implement in the established systems of governance. According to Betsy Devos, dealing with bureaucracy’s can be a daunting task, especially if a person is not able to receive adequate support from individuals who share in the same ideology of change. However, she always works hard to ensure that the entire society benefits from her philanthropy.


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Hussain Sajwani: Trump Towers and DAMAC

The Hussain Sajwani family is a multinational billionaire family. In the vast kingdom of Dubai, he is a billionaire. He has been able to enhance his business by combining forces with Donald Trump on a number of projects. Trump’s real estate firm is very glad to have him as a valuable partner. The two titans have proudly collaborated on the famous Trump International Golf club – a massive golf club named after Donald Trump. The golf course was built with villas fit for luxury lifestyles. Since the luxury villas and golf course have been built, they have netted more than $2 billion!

The Sajwani family is very entrenched into the Trump family. He values their logical input and leadership abilities. While Donald Trump is in office, the two will not be doing business together in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest; however, the Sajwani family will still be cohorts with Ivanka and Eric Trump ( )The children of Donald Trump are very interested in keeping their business relations. They would like to preserve the Trump brand and believe the Sajwani family is the right family to help with the job.

Hussain Sajwani has a very close relationship with the Trump family. His wife sends regular email correspondences with Ivanka Trump and the Trump family has visited his house. When Hussain Sajwani visits New York, he makes a regular point to have lunch and dinner at the Trump Towers. Sajwani is the DAMAC owner, a nationally acclaimed luxury hotel chain.

DAMAC Properties, of which Hussein is the Chairman, has donated over $2 million to AED for the purpose of feeding and clothing children. These children are in developing countries and need help and assistance. The DAMAC sponsored charity was launched during the month of Ramadan and aptly named the Ramadan Initiative. Hussein loves the kids and appreciates the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. DAMAC Properties is a large real estate corporation and is Hussein’s main source of wealth. DAMAC is the leader of development in the Middle East. If you find a luxury hotel in Dubai, chances are it was built and operated by the geniuses at DAMAC. They are world renowned and respected for their expertise. Learn more:

Adam Milstein Is Passionate About Advancing The Jewish Values

Foreigner find it difficult to break into the United States job market given that many companies believe that they do not have adequate market knowledge and expertise. Adam Milstein faced this problem when he graduated from the University of Southern California with his MBA. Companies were offering him a lower pay package compared to those offered to his classmates who had lesser qualifications. Determined not to be set back by this discrimination, Adam decided to venture out on his own as a real estate commercial broker. Having grown up in a family with a business in real estate construction and development, the Israeli-born entrepreneur knew he had the experience needed. After working as a broker for three years, Adam managed to accumulate enough capital to switch from being a broker to a real estate investor. To this end, the investor partnered with like-minded investors to establish Hager Pacific Properties. The company has over $2 billion of assets under its management.

Unlike other executives who rely on experts to handle their ideas and bring them to life, Adam believes in doing it himself. He notes that everyone has the ability to do what the other person can do. This way, he posits that it is better to implement your ideas by yourself. This approach enables the entrepreneur to keep a constant eye on the idea and look at ways of improving it. However, he notes that investing in the real estate industry requires extra focus since the industry has lots of ups and downs. Moreover, Adam Milstein advises all entrepreneurs to follow-up, be consistent, and persistent. According to him, these three qualities have helped him to succeed as an investor, and


About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist. The shrewd entrepreneur is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a successful real estate investment company. Adam and Gila are the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This institution supports efforts made towards advancing the Jewish values and cultures.

Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. After serving in the army for a couple of years, Adam joined the prestigious Technion to pursue his bachelor’s degree. He worked for his father’s real estate developing company before moving with his wife, Gila, to the US. In addition, Adam holds an MBA from the esteemed University of Southern California. He is the co-founder of Israeli-American Council. Adam Milstein is also the organization’s national chairman.

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Who Will Carry the Day, Avaaz or Monsanto?

Avaaz, a U.S civic organization, is currently engaged in an online tussle with the manufacturer of the glyphosate-based herbicide, Monsanto Company. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, is controversial. In fact, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the compound as “probably carcinogenic to humans’’ three years ago. And so the online campaigns are centered on the use of glyphosate-based herbicide. Avaaz is against the reintroduction of glyphosate-based agrochemicals in Europe while Monsanto is obviously supporting the use of the same. Only time will tell who emerges the winner of the online battle.

It is not the first time that Avaaz is hitting the headlines for supporting good causes. In fact, since the organization came to life in 2007, it has focused solely on addressing climate change, human rights, animal rights, and poverty among other pertinent issues. Avaaz leverages the technology especially the internet to pass across its messages. Its presence on the internet as an activist network, according to the Guardian, is not only large but also powerful.

Avaaz has evolved to reach a wider audience. The organization campaigns in over 17 languages, and according to its website, it has over 45 million members in 194 countries. Its membership keeps expanding by the day. People wishing to make their voice heard on issues of interest can just sign up to become members. What’s more, members can initiate campaigns and depending on the public interest in the matter, the organization’s specialists can recommend that a campaign is opened up for all members.

The founders of Avaaz including Res Publica,, etc. share the same philosophy that the world deserves good governance, civic virtue, and deliberative democracy. They chose the name “Avaaz” because a transliteration of the Persian world “âvâz” which stands for “voice” or “song” results in similar words in many languages. Avaaz is the voice of the people.

Things You Need to Know About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has emerged to be the leading providers of highly technologized inmate communication solutions to inmates in the United States. The firm not only caters for the communication needs of its customers but also works in conjunction with law enforcers to increase the state of security to the general public. Due to the affordability as well as the high convenience of the top wireless devices of the firm, Securus Technologies has turned out to be the most sought inmate communication firms. The excellent services of the company have seen it establish a vast number of other affiliate firms in significant parts of the country.

The highly skilled leaders of the firm have profoundly contributed to the success of the company, and Rick Smith, the chief executive of the company, has employed his vast technological knowledge in improving the effectiveness of their devices. Securus technologies have always put innovation at the forefront in most of their operations, and recently introduced a new video visitation application, to enable their customers to have an easier time connecting with their loved ones. The new app has reduced the high costs that most people used to incur while traveling long distances to communicate with their loved ones. There is less time used in the whole process, and the high convenience of the new method is proved of the great revolution that Securus Technologies has brought to the correctional facilities.

The significant changes in the services of the firm have overseen many individuals connect to their loved ones any time they want regardless of their current location. The level of security in most correctional facilities has improved as there is less movement in the units and there is also secure connection. Securus Technologies has achieved its many objectives over the past years, particularly that of lowering recidivism rates.


Imran Haque – Life Changing Doctor and Specialist

Dr. Imran Haque has been in the medical profession for over 15 years. His medical facility in North Carolina is home to a plethora of patients who come to him for anything from weight loss to diabetes to regular check-ups. Dr. Imran Haque has performed medical procedures at Alamance Regional Medical Center, Kindred Greensboro, Randolph Hospital, Kindred Hospital, and many other hospitals across North Carolina. Because of this, he has earned a reputation as a versatile and reliable physician. His network stretches far and wide across every hospital in North Carolina. Whenever he has a patient who needs service outside of his expertise, he always has an extra set of hands he can refer the patient to, and they are always well-trusted hands and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Imran Haque specializes in internal medicine and preventative care. He will always try to prevent a patient from undergoing some medical emergency before it arises. When exercising preventative care, he places emphasis on regular check-ups, early diagnoses of disease, and proper identification of possible illnesses. His care for his patients goes above and beyond the call of duty. His standard of care earned him the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award from the oversight body in North Carolina. Not only does Dr. Imran Haque give unique care to all of his patients, but he shows them a level of kindness and compassion unlike any other. The services he offers at his Asheboro and Ramseur facilities include diabetes management, physical examinations, 360 resurfacing, Laser Hair Removal, and Venus Body Contouring and follow his Twitter.

When assessing patients and giving recommendations, he will take their lifestyle and health history into full consideration. Patients have come to know Dr. Imran Haque as the most trusted doctor in North Carolina and will gladly come to him in confidence for their medical procedures and life changes. His weight loss treatments have not only saved lives from heart failure but they have changed patients’ entire outlook on life and learn more about Imran Haque.

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